Mundo Primitivo – Paisaje Interior

Mundo Primitivo

Is there such thing as International Punk Week? If not, perhaps it should be this week, as we’ve discovered a whole clutch of punk records to pogo to. First up is this new release from London label Static Shock Records (Sarcasm, Powerplant etc) by Mundo Primitivo (literally, Primitive World). Paisaje Interior is a fierce, scuzzy and, at times, brutal collection of songs. 

The band, from Australia with their Colombian singer Melissa, revel in hard and fast lo-fi explosions. In true punk fashion songs often end short of the two minute mark. They’re over before they’ve started. The dirty instrumental ‘Intro’ sets the launch pad for the pummelling drums of La Fuerza. Melissa’s high pitched shriek somewhat reminiscent of Melt Banana’s Yasuko Onuki. ‘Rito De Muerte’ continues the hardcore vibes, while ‘Tormenta’s sinister, dark guitar riffs open things up a little more.

There’s a hint of the Manic Street Preachers ‘Holy Bible’ in Oli Hastings’ guitar cutting tones.

‘Despierto’ ups the pace. At just 55 seconds it’s an exhilarating blast of noise punk. The frequent shifts of pace on ‘Duelo’ belie its brevity. This is music that makes you feel alive. Mundo Primitivo initially take a different approach on the spoken word beginnings of ‘Incendio’. It opens with glorious feedback and a heavy groove. Melissa’s vocal is sedate by comparison to what we’ve heard thus far. Naturally, they have tired of this after a minute. They break into an almighty whirlwind of thrashing power chords and lightning drums. Like a hyperactive child, they change tack again to a 4/4 chug.

Coming full circle, the band close with ‘Medium’, a mostly instrumental piece. The vocals are used to create elongated drone-like notes, while the band build layers of feedback and drums over a revolving bass part. Eventually they burst into the inevitable frantic climax. 

On this, their debut release, Mundo Primitivo have blown away the cobwebs of lockdown and produced one of the best punk records we’ll hear this year. All proceeds from this album are being “donated to aid those currently struggling against fascist violence in Colombia”.

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