Life Drawings – Life Drawings


Life Drawings, a four piece from London, revel in the mundane. This first full-length release (which we should have reviewed long before now) is really raw, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Opener The AGM shares a lot in common with some of Graham Coxon’s work on Blur’s Blur and 13 albums.

Understated, distorted with a dry sense of humour. The band’s simple, repetitive approach, speak/singing style, nonsense wordplay and references to British celebrities (Paul McCartney and Julian Clary on Sadface) places them somewhere in the weirdo indie cannon alongside The Pheromoans and The Rebel.

The bizarre rendition of Ave Maria is a left field turn that fits in nicely given they have distorted the hell out of it. It is something out of the Let’s Wrestle school of weird interludes, breaking into clarity before fading away.
Following track Hair is almost danceable. It has a Joy Division-esque tension to it, the vocal line and bass line following the same pattern of notes. It’s great.
There is a lot to love here if you are a fan of lo-fi outsider British post-punk.
What’s more, they recorded this all themselves so they get extra DIY points!

You may enjoy this if you like The Fall, Country Teasers/The Rebel, The Pheromoans


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