Lê Almeida – Amenidades


Le Almeida, from Rio De Janeiro, has an absolute ton of releases on Bandcamp. Given this one has just been released, and we were enticed by the cover, we checked out ‘Amenidades’. We have no idea how many people are in this band. In may be just a solo project, but it is packed with great songs.

The main reference point, minus the Portuguese lyrics, is The Apples in Stereo.

The singer’s voice has a very similar quality to that of Robert Schneider. Some may see this as a bad thing but for us it is very, very good. His voice compliments the music really nicely. The recordings here are very lo-fi, without sounding muddy, although the instruments tend to clip as the mics are peaking. This only adds to the sound though.

Particular favourites are opener “Um Idiota”, the punky and unhinged “Compilacao de Setembro” and “Patinete”, which really evokes the aforementioned Apples In Stereo. There are 25 tracks here so favourites may change with each listen!Some of the tracks, on first listen, appeared to be little snippets of ideas and this seems to be the case once the blurb about the album is translated. It says this is a compilation of songs and loose ideas that were left out of previous records. If these are the cuts left on the floor the fully realized releases must be exceptional. The melodies are instantly satisfying, the penchant for fuzzed out guitars and messy guitar solos is irresistible. We look forward to delving further in!

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