Jack Ellister – Lichtpyramide II

Jack Ellister

London based Jack Ellister released a timeless Kosmiche album in 2020’s ‘Lichtpyramide’. Seemingly quite prolific, he has followed this up with a continuation on the theme. It’s aptly titled ‘Lichpyramide II’.

With several tracks seemingly based upon the word “genesis” there is certainly an organic quality despite the heavily electronic approach.

Tracks are allowed to drift and expand naturally along gently oscillating loops. Wind and liquid droplets are simulated on “Radio Message From Kepler-186F” (Kepler 186F is, of course, an Earth-sized and Earth-like planet 500 light years away, discovered in 2014).

The gentle sailing journey of “Noorderlicht” is no less hypnotic, while “Polonium” and “Photosynthese” would be very much at home on the soundtrack to a 1970s sci-fi program.
Just as with Jack Ellister’s first release there is a timeless quality to this. This is not just down to the equipment but also his retro-futurist approach. The looping, meandering synth lines and sweeping atmospherics transfix throughout.

It’s easy to lose all sense of time when listening to ‘Lichtpyramide II’.

“Genesis: Otwarcie”, six tracks in, is the first we hear any vocal lyricism. All spoken over a twinkling arpeggio and soft acoustic guitar chords, there’s beauty in the simplicity.
We begin to hear more guitar from this point with the atmospheric wah on the droney “Fragestellung” and the delayed staccato of “Kuiper Belt Excursion”. The space theme continues on the squelchy, short and sweet, “Planetoid Exploration Rover” before the gorgeous drifting guitar led ambience of “Memory Scan”.Ellister rounds things off with “Genesang: Der Mensch” and “Genese: Stadt Land Fluss”.

These tracks share similar qualities with the latter seemingly warping the arpeggio of the former, saving the liveliest moment until the very end. The title, translating, I think, to “City Country River” is fitting, given this completes the genesis of Jack Ellister’s brave new world.

With ‘Lichtpyramide II’, Jack Ellister has added further nuance to his colourful electronic, retro-futurist soundscapes.

Lichtpyramide 2 is out now via Tonzonen records

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