Guttersnipe – My Mother The Vent


I had to wait a little before sitting down to review ‘My Mother The Vent’. Give it time to breathe. Having done so, this debut album from Guttersnipe is the pure musical embodiment of insanity and violence.

It’s like all the craziest parts of Mr Bungle or Boredoms with the intensity of Lightning Bolt.

Some might call it a mess but to us it is kind of glorious. The drums sound like they are falling down the steps to Al-Deir, crashing off the rocks on either side, the twin vocals are a fit of hardly discernible visceral (and pained) screams, the guitars and keyboards screech, stab and fizz in every possible direction. This is definitely not something you put on in the background. It begs either for your attention or to be turned off.

To review one track is kind of to review them all, such is the consistency of their approach, so simply put: My Mother The Vent sounds like an intense nightmare for the most part, only winding down in the closing stages of the final track. There is ultimate freedom in Guttersnipe’s music – self-consciousness abandoned, instincts trusted.
Guttersnipe, from Leeds, are unlike anyone else at the moment… and frankly awesome.

You may enjoy this if you like: Boredoms, Lightning Bolt, Mr Bungle


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