Evil Twins – Evil Twins

Evil Twins

Evil Twins are from Oakland, California. We missed this release on Vacant Stare Records when it came out back in December 2017 but having discovered it now we just had to write about it.
This is lo-fi, funny, nowave with double vocals, bass and simple drums. Daft. But great fun.
With track names like Squishy Squish, Sweaty Faces and Punks N’ Jocks you know this band don’t take themselves too seriously.

Most songs here last under one minute apart from the epic 2 minutes 51 seconds of John Hughes Jam.
At times they recall bands like Numbers and Whirlwind Heat due to the absolute simplicity and hip shaking danceability. The home recording quality and great dynamic between the two band members makes them seem almost like a funky Moldy Peaches.

You may enjoy this if you like Numbers, ESG, Whirlwind Heat, Moldy Peaches


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