Doe – Grow Into It


This band are set to explode. Grow Into It, Doe’s second full length album, certainly reflects the title. This is a band who have developed on their pop sensibilities and really let their creative side come out. 

As before, they still nail the Weezer-style harmonies and Pixies loud-quite-loud dynamics.

However, there is something a little more playful about this record than the previous album Some Things Last Longer Than You.  Opener “My Friends” sets the tone with it’s opening guitar stabs and Joey Santiago style intro. There is a great sense of melody and timing with satisfying feedback and a killer power chord sequence. The guitar solo around the 3 minute mark is pure Rivers Cuomo (when he’s good). The guitar work in “Labour Like I Do” shifts from power chords to wonky single notes, reminiscent of Built To Spill. The lyrics bemoaning someone in dire need of checking their privilege.

 The band plays with dynamics (Heated) and time signatures (Even Fiction and Here In The Dirt), yet maintain their exceptional knack for a catchy melody and a vocal harmony. They haven’t over-complicated anything, they keep it simple and know when to give their songs space. This is the sound of a band who have honed their sound and are having real fun. The guitar interplay is often just a pleasure to listen to. 

Closing track “Here In The Dirt” is a great finale, beginning with a sustained note before kicking into a Built To Spill style guitar intro, dropping out, building up, ending in a squealing guitar outro.This is the sort of record that every teenager should fall in love with and can be the starting point for further explorations into the underground.

You may like this if you are a fan of: Built To Spill, Weezer, New Pornographers


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