Divorce Horse – The Horse Is Good


Divorce Horse have just dropped “The Horse Is Good” onto Bandcamp via the Dream Home label. The mysterious duo of Luke R. and Brendan R seem to have no social media presence. Nor does the label. Their sound, certainly on this tape, is intensely lo-fi with more than a slight Captain Beefheart influence. The vocals on tracks like “I’m A Blister” and the superb quicky “P-R-O-Verbs” are like Don Van Vliet in permanent monster mode. Musically they’re gloriously messy yet perfectly in control.

They range from frantic slide guitar jams to chugging punk in one song.

Divorce Horse also have an experimental stream akin to Sunburned Hand Of The Man, as demonstrated by tracks like “Hot Moon” and “Frantic Fool Confronted”.

“Scrapedesk Freezedown” is a big highlight. From the off it recalls one of those crazy Andre Antunes metal jams to a deranged Kenneth Copeland rants. The comical high pitched group chorus is quite brilliant. The bizarre 44 seconds of “Divorce Horse” would be right at home on an early Butthole Surfers or Boredoms album. There’s more by way of frantic Beefheartisms on “Woodpecker”, while its Reprise is essentially their take on “A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond”.

The final track “571-969-8626” brings noticeable clarity. With by far the best production on the album, it’s an opportunity to hear what this band actually sound like minus the lo-fi tape scuzz! As suspected… they sound a lot like The Magic Band!

Divorce Horse are retreading the footsteps of one of America’s greatest cult heroes, with a touch more punk attitude. “The Horse Is Good” is good!

You may enjoy this if you like: Captain Beefheart, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Royal Trux, Shimmy Rivers & & Canal


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