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Diff'rent Folks

Diff’rent Folks, as far as we can tell, is a four person an art project from Tokyo, Japan. The music is made by Nao Harada. This album, although 9 track long, is over before it has started. Several tracks clock in at under 30 seconds!

This is gorgeously produced, spacey electronica with some calypso influence.

At some points think Air meets Cornelius and you are somewhere along the right lines. Opening track Different Strokes for Different Folks is a lolloping dreamy instrumental. The occasional vocal chimes in with the title. It’s wonky, weird and immediately has you walking on a marshmallow street with candyfloss trees.

What follows are four very short and giddy jingles that almost seem like off-cuts. Kick is a dreamy, woozy four minutes, coming closest to the Air reference. This is complemented by some cartoonishly effected vocals. Then there’s the weird Yamaha keyboard demo with added vocal track, MotsukoNobody introduces wah effected guitars and a jazzy bassline. Snoop ends the album with 30 seconds of echoing synth, and nonsense vocal samples.

Given the theme for cartoonish noises and playfulness that runs heavily in the music of artists such as Boredoms, Cornelius and Shugo Tokumaru, this couldn’t really have come from anywhere other than Japan.

You may enjoy this if you like: Air, Cornelius, Mr Scruff, Plus-Tech Squeeze Box


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