Dead Arms – Simply Dead

Simply Dead
Simply Dead

Dead Arms, from London (also via Kent and California), have just released their first album since 2015’s excellent “All The Hits” and it’s a powerful aural assault. Simply Dead is full of shout-along choruses. The pissed off delayed vocals a la David Yow, pulsating drums and vicious guitars make for a brutal combination. This is a relentlessly fast-paced set of ten songs.

They take aim at Nigel Farage (Grandad Hates You), corporate media (Biased Broadcasting Corporation), Hollywood (Tom Hanks), the nostalgia circuit (MacKaye Convention), and the chaos and damage of Brexit (Deceptive Carafe).

There is an anger and anxiety that runs through the album.

Every song is no-nonsense, with no section lasting too long and great dynamics. For example, the shifting power in the guitar work in Apocalypse Yow, the chugging harmonic section of Biased Broadcasting Corporation into the almost Motorhead-esque verses. The driving bassline, great drum beat and angular guitarwork on Tom Hanks have a real Jesus Lizard-like quality. This is a great hardcore album.

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