Comfort – Not Passing


Comfort, from Glasgow, return with the follow up to their “Built To Waste” LP (2017).
Their sound is like a more percussive, minimal and electronic Future of the Left (by way of the vocal stylings) or a more aggressive Sleaford Mods but they have really pushed on with the electronics here.

The two person setup also draws inevitable comparisons to Suicide.

Tracks like Calm Of The Crowd and Husbands offer up atonal glitching synths to accompany the motoric drums. Together is a straight up banger – just drums and vocals. Work Through Fault is the closest they come to a synth pop tune, yet still it introduces some of the nastiest sounds on the album towards the end.

Better Need Assumptions closes on eery pitch-bent synth sounds, offering up a slightly different atmosphere, which is welcome as the repetition throughout is quite intense.
The politics of this record are very “now” – dealing with the challenges faced when not conforming to gender in a world that is slowly waking up and learning, yet has a long way to go. The lyrics are poetic, the message is powerful. This album feels pretty vital.

You may enjoy this if you like: Future Of The Left, Sleaford Mods, Suicide


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