Boogarins – Casa das Janelas Verdes OST

Casa das Janelas Verdes

Boogarins are a four piece from Goiania, Brazil.They are one of just two bands on what seems to be shaping up as a fantastic record label in OAR, the other being Winter e Triptides who are featured below.

This release consists of two 30 minute tracks of Psychedelic, garage-y, at times no-wave at others just plain weird abstract brilliance. It was put together to soundtrack a film about the band called “Boogarins na Casa das Janelas Verdes”. When there are vocals they are soulful, almost female sounding (although they’re not), sometimes effected.

We would definitely recommend giving it a go and checking out their back catalogue.  If you live in Bristol, UK, they are coming over in November as part of a European tour. Hopefully more UK dates will be added.

You may enjoy this if you like Boredoms, Can, Pega Monstro, Animal Collective.


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