28 February, 2021


Reviews of recent records. In date order – most recent first.

2021 reviews

Clémentine March – Songs Of Resilience
Nervous Twitch – Nervous Twitch
Creeping Hot Hands – Deleenen Sceenen

2020 reviews

Order Of The Toad – Re-order Of The Toad
The Green Child – Shimmering Basset
RKB Vitesse – The More You Love Yourself The More You Will Be Loved
Sniffany & The Nits – The Greatest Nits EP
Shjrunken Heads – Neolithic Dog
Dissent – Without You
SINGLE Lean Logic – Safe In A Dream / Man-Made
Merlin Nova Boo! album cover
Merlin Nova – Boo!
The Leaf Library – About Minerals
R.Aggs – //TAPE 1//
Haq123 – 4

Naked Roommate – Do The Duvet
the liquidators cover
The Liquidators – Waving Goodbye / Married To Your Mind
I’m Being Good – A Constellation Of Bad Ideas
Free Humans album cover by Hen Ogledd
Hen Ogledd – Free Humans
Sleeper And Snake album cover
Sleeper & Snake – Fresco Shed
Merry Christmas- The Night The Night Fell
Vintage Crop – Serve To Serve Again
Sharing Is Caring/Sassyhiya – The Pets at Home E.P

Snout – Unearthed
Sea Glass – Shifts
POZI – 176 EP
SINGLE The Illness – Descending G / Phrases Redacted
Nape Neck – Nape Neck
Reciprocate – Yeah Well

Winter – Endless Space (Between You & I)
An Unlimited List Of People – Bottomless, Fluffy and Responsive
Wesley Gonzalez – Appalling Human
Faux Real – Faux Real EP
The Anderson Tapes – Out There EP
Stef Fi – Girlhood EP
SINGLE Robert Sotelo – Dear Resident / Operate Now
SINGLE Life Drawings – Trolley Dash
Melenas – Dias Raros
The Cool Greenhouse – S/T
The Silver Field – Sing High! Sing Low!
Katy And Nick – What I Did For You
Savage Mansion – Weird Country
Pomona XV – Fools Summer EP
Haq123 – Evil Spirits Who Prowl About The World Seeking The Ruin Of Souls
Bald Mermaid – Let Us Be Your Snails
Upset Stomach – Emo Calypso
Rubie – Take Both
Es – Less Of Everything
Irma Vep – Embarrassed Landscape
Primo! – Sogni
Michael – Tell Your Friends
Clementine March – Le Continent
The Worms – Back To The Bog
Frost – Until It Makes Sense To You
Shopping – All Or Nothing
Handle – In Threes
Gut Waxy – AFTU
Rob Bidder – The Green Mosaic
Lumpy Green – Bob
Lucy Leave – Everyone Is Doing So Well

2019 reviews

Sniffany And The Nits – I Love You (…But You’ve Got Nits)
Buffet Lunch – Snap
PC World – S/T
Sprinters – Struck Gold
Garden Centre – A Moon For Digging
Omni – Networker
Barry – Barry
Dry Cleaning – Boundary Road Snacks And Drinks EP
Hot Shorts – I Understand And I Wish To Continue
Shake Chain – Neil Yonge & Bob Doylan Live At Hyde Park EP
The Slugs- Wet
Breakup Haircut – What Did You Expect? I Got It Off The Internet!
Kaputt – Carnage Hall
Serafina Steer – The Mind Is A Trap
Sweet Williams – Where Does The Time Come From
Robert Sotelo – Infinite Sprawling
Frankie Cosmos – Close It Quietly 
Sarah Anderson – Between Mouthfuls
Lunch Lady – Angel
Swim Team – Home Time
Parsnip – When The Tree Bears Fruit 
Dry Cleaning – Sweet Princess EP
This Heel – Heaven Is A Trap
Grey Hairs – Health & Social Care
The Birthmarks – No Slash EP
Trash Kit – Horizon
Bamboo – Daughters Of The Sky
Black Midi – Schlagenheim 
Boogarins – Sombrou Dúvida
Comfort – Not Passing
Dead Arms – Simply Dead
Junmin Cho – Musical Odyssey
Of Bits & Pieces – Of Bits & Pieces Vol. 1
Sunlotus – This Old House
Rozi Plain – What A Boost
Witching Waves – Persistence
Molejoy – I Hate It But It’s Free
Garden Centre – Strap
공중도둑 (Mid-Air Thief) – 무너지기 (Crumbling)
The Shifters – Have A Cunning Plan
The Cool Greenhouse –Landlords/4Chan
Hash Redactor – Good Sense
The Stroppies – Whoosh
Vital Idles – EP
Pom Poko – Birthday
Sydney 2000 – Sydney 2000
Dom Jolly – LOVE
Guttersnipe – My Mother The Vent
The Homebirds – When Bricks Fall
Shjrunken Heads- Rainham Steel
USA/MEXICO – Matamoros

2018 reviews

Dry Cleaning – Sweet Princess EP
Molar – Straniero
Diff’rent Folks – Music For Diff’rent Folks A
Big Joanie – Sistahs
Gut Waxy – So Incredible
Jenny Moore – Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business
The Slugs – Don’t Touch Me, I’m Too Slimy
Real Songs – Super 70 X
Scab City – Scab City
Summer Dress – Serious Music
Upset Stomach – Upset Stomach
Evil Twins – Evil Twins
Life Drawings – Life Drawings
Lowly Loverboi – NSTRL
Tampopo – Too-Ticki-Tattoo
The Bad Pelicans – Best Of
Doe – Grow Into It
Flirting. – This Would Be Funny If It Were Happening To Anyone But Me
Sauna Youth – Deaths
The Tropicanas – A Lovely Coincidence
Winter & Triptides – Estrela Magica
Sial – Binasa
Doe – Some Things Last Longer Than You
Lê Almeida – Amenidades
Primo! – Amici
The Stroppies – Maddest Moments/Architectural Charades
акульи слёзы – в музее моей памяти
Blóm – Powerfrau/Skank Witch
Boogarins – Casa das Janelas Verdes OST
Florist – If Blue Could Be Happiness
Honkies – Entitled To Nothing/Moving To Berlin
Lower Slaughter – What Big Eyes
Pale Kids – St Bernadette/Haunted & Holy Mess EP
Palm – Rock Island
Pega Monstro – Casa de Cima
Skinny Girl Diet – Heavy Flow
The Slugs – Open Your Lugs! Here come the Slugs
Twinken Park – Flowers EP
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