A selection of our favourite independent/DIY record labels, which you should definitely check out! Most of these are based in the UK.

Permanent Slump

Masters of oddball post punk. Artists include The Birthmarks, Shake Chain, Life Drawings, Rainham Sheds, Rodents and more.

Gob Nation

Brilliant Brighton based punk label. Artists include Sniffany And The Nits, PC World, Estate Agents and more.

Prefect Records

A brand new label in 2019. First single release by Ex-Void a sign of exciting things ahead.

Specialist Subject Records

Bristol based label. Home to Garden Centre, Witching Waves, Charmpit, Fresh and loads more.

La Vida Es Un Mus

London based punk and hardcore label. Artists include S.H.I.T., Anxiety, Sial, Limp Wrist, Chain Cult etc.


Manchester based label specialising in fine indiepop. Artist have included Hot Shorts, Sprinters, Irma Vep, Lady Neptune, Joey Fourr, Sex Hands etc.

Gringo Records

Nottingham based. Lots of great warped, off kilter punk and indie. A superb roster featuring Irma Vep, Sweet Williams, Nape Neck, Reciprocate, Order Of The Toad, Grey Hairs and loads more.

PRAH Recordings

An exciting label on the fringes of electronic, punk and classical. Artists include Pozi, Uh, Oliver Coates, Haiku Salut etc.

Meritorio Records

Based in Spain but releasing indie bands from all over. Artists include Sprinters, Ana & Luis and more.

Southend Records

Based in the seaside town of Southend. Home to some great indie rock and post punk. Artists include The Plan, Fort William and Mr Yolk.

Faith And Industry

Run by Capitol K, there have been some fine releases by Capitol K himself, John Johanna, Blue House, Super Best Friends Club and more.

Dipped In Gold Recordings

From the ashes of the Too Pure singles club, with releases from USA Nails, Grotbags and Mush.

Adaadat Records

The place for all things glitchy, weird and electronic. Releases by oMMM, Gum Takes Tooth, Agaskodo Teliverek, DJ Scotch Egg, Graham Dunning etc.

CUSP Recordings

Prime Glasgow tape label with releases by Order Of The Toad, Slushy Guts, Gift Horse, Thick Syrup and Hypnotic Kingdom.


London based label home to exciting artists such as The Pheromoans, Hey Colossus, The Bomberjackets, Cam Deas.

Comfortable On A Tightrope

Manchester based label with fine releases from Kiran Leonard, Nisennenmondai, Irma Vep, Waiters and more.

Soft Power Records

Straight up indie rock label. Artists have included Witching Waves, H. Grimace, Wolf Girl, Dog Legs.

Lost Map

Based on the Isle of Eigg, Lost Map embrace artists who have a certain special je ne sais quoi. Artists include Rozi Plain, Ed Dowie, Clementine March, Ichi, Alabaster DePlume, Savage Mansion, Bas Jan…

Memphis Industries

Established in 1998, Memphis Industries is a pretty reliable label, with releases from Field Music, Rachel Dadd, Rozi Plain, The Go! Team and loads more.

Fat Cat Records

Longstanding, often reliable label who have been home to international artists such as Animal Collective, Black Dice, No Age, The Bug, Kid 606, Múm etc.

Speedy Wunderground

The flavour of 2019 thanks to producer Dan Carey. Have provided a stepping stone for bands like Black Midi, Black Country New Road, Flamingods, Lazarus Kane and Squid.

Blank Editions

Hip label releasing skewed pop and post punk with releases from Merlin Nova, Apostille, Housewives, Charles Hayward, Black Country, New Road.

For The Sake Of Tapes

London based tape label well entrenched in the DIY scene. Releases from Secret Power, Schande, Twinken Park, Whitelands and more.

Overseas Artists Recordings

Specialising in sunshiney and psychedelic tinged pop. Their roster includes Boogarins and Winter & Triptides


Tunbridge Wells based hardcore, mathrock and post punk label. Releases from Joeyfat, Charlottefield, Box, Headquarters, Cove etc.

Trouble In Mind

Chicago based label. Home to some amazing international bands like Parsnip, Omni, The Shifters, Mikal Cronin and loads more.

Gone but not forgotten:

Jonson Family

Stopped in 2008 but was a great label for math rock, hardcore etc. Releases from I’m Being Good, Hey Colossus, Blood Red Shoes, Trencher, Charlottefield etc.

Odd Box

Previously London, now Cardiff, based label. Roster has included Witching Waves, Anguish Sandwich, Flemmings, Dog Legs, City Yelps, Joanna Gruesome and Suggested Friends.

Time of Asking

Inactive since 2015. Bristol based label with releases from The Jelas, Squeakeasy and Oh Peas!

Faux Discx

Sadly defunct label that put out some great stuff up until 2017. Releases from Irma Vep, Sweet Williams, Garden Centre, The Sticks, Cold Pumas, Sex Hands, Dignan Porch, Monotony, Sauna Youth and more.

Artists | Faux Discx
Faux Discx. Brighton, UK. 2006-2017 | Artists: Teardrop Factory
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