22 April, 2021

Life Drawings – Tony’s Lottery (SINGLE)

During a year which featured crazed supermarket panic buying, Life Drawings released one timely and brilliant single entitled ‘Trolley Dash’. It was bizarrely prescient in the circumstances particularly as they had been performing it in their live set for some time before. They could not have timed it better.

They’ve decided to crown 2021 with a brand new single, ‘Tony’s Lottery’. Relishing the repetition, it’s another infectious Fall-esque exercise in wry wit, stream of consciousness and C list celebrity references (Trolley Dash, of course, referenced Dale Winton. RIP).

Titled as such due to a misheard lyric and subsequent reworking of the words, Alex O’Neill’s simple but brilliant bassline, Mike Anderson’s jagged guitar stabs and Andy Jenkin’s super tight drums form the base for Jon Wood’s cheeky keyboard melodies and imagining of a surprise lottery win for ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ comedian Tony Slattery.

Fans of the excellent Dry Cleaning and The Cool Greenhouse will no doubt get a kick out of this. Wood’s absurdist humour and the driving, locked in, repetitious backdrop fit together hand in glove. Life Drawings were great as a lo-fi project but studio recorded, as a full band, they have really come into their own.
Given their last single came to life in 2020, perhaps Mr Slattery’s numbers will come up?

Another hit from a big Beats To The Bar favourite!

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