Upset Stomach Interview

Upset Stomach Interview
Upset Stomach Interview

Upset Stomach joined us for an interview at the Music Complex in London, minus drummer Helena Long. They told us about how they formed, their songwriting process, the London music scene, future plans and more.

Upset Stomach are a wild eyed Indie Pop band from London who love a shout-out.

They revel in genre mashing; twee indie clashes with screamo vocals, shoegaze, metal riffing and auto-tuned singing. This is reflected in their superb self-titled debut and exciting follow up ‘Emo Calypso‘. ‘Emo Calypso’ is an ambitious, crazed and sometimes confounding journey into the band’s madcap songwriting process. It’s a giddy and rewarding listen, packed with warped effects, like a psychedelic Los Campesinos.

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