Frankie Cosmos Interview

Frankie Cosmos Interview

Frankie Cosmos joined us for an interview at London’s The Social. They told us about the band’s excellent new album ‘Close It Quietly‘, their favourite places in New York and London, future plans and more!

Frankie Cosmos are a magical four piece Indie Pop band from New York. Singer-songwriter Greta Kline originally went by the solo moniker Ingrid Superstar but has been releasing records as Frankie Cosmos with her band since 2014. The band currently consists of Kline, Luke Pyenson (drums), Lauren Martin (keys) and Alex Bailey (bass). They specialise in short melodic vignettes, with minimal repetition. Kline’s sweet vocals and the lively multicoloured music are a sugary and addictive combination. The 21 songs of ‘Close It Quietly’ are easily digestible, so much so that you’ll be going back for seconds.

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Frankie Cosmos
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Check out ‘Close It Quietly’:


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