ASUNA Interview


Japanese sound artist Asuna told us about his 100 Keyboards and 100 Toys tours, his favourite places, tour disasters and more! The live footage in the interview comes from the 100 Keyboards performance at South London Gallery on 2nd October 2019.

Asuna’s label is aotoao…

Other artists that Asuna mentioned during the interview and recommends:

Japanese artists: Rima Kato, Family Basik, shibata / nan!ka?, OPQ, The Medium Necks, Aki Tsuyuko, Cat Sand, Takahiro Yamamoto / ex. Busratch, Seijiro Kuroda, Test Pattern / Fueruma, Eddie Marcon / Shallazurutaralli, Moon Face Boys, YPY, Non Band, Hideaki Shimada / Agencement

Finnish artists: Kemialliset Ystävät, Tomutonttu / Jan Anderzen, Kiila, Chamellows, Lau Nau, Antti Tovi, Islaja, Kuupuu, Tsembla / Marja Ahti, Nuslux / DJ Nusmonaut, Olli Aarni, Niko Karlsson, Aavikko, Circle

Belgian label: Meeuw Muzak – ​(released Minoru Sato-m/s + ASUNA 7” Tottering Steps)SHOW LESS

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