6 tracks of the week

6 tracks

We’re constantly listening to new music. Here are 6 tracks we’ve picked out this week.

The Tubs – Two Person Love

‘Two Person Love’ is a cracking, fizzy, half post-punk half jangly indie pop song. It serves as the appetiser for The Tubs new ’Names’ EP.
We had a taste of the EP’s opening track ‘Illusion on last year’s Sister Midnight Records fundraiser compilation ‘DIY SOS’. No doubt The Tubs will prove to be as popular as Joanna Gruesome, from whom many of the members came. Pre-order the EP here.

anrimeal – Elegy For An Empty Ocean (The Silver Field Mix)

A haunting, extremely atmospheric and stunningly spacious track by the intriguing sound artist/songwriter anrimeal. This song, which appears on anrimeal’s new album ‘Could Divine, Remembered’ has the clear hallmarks of Coral Rose’s (The Silver Field) involvement. It’s cavernous, meditative and absolutely consumes you.

Marmelade – I Don’t Know

We’ve already featured this single this week. It’s just kind of fascinating. Twisted and lightly psychedelic indie pop for fans of Gary Wilson, Arthur etc.

Mind Shrine – 5 Long Days

Mind Shrine, from Houston Texas, have been drip feeding singles and EPs since 2017. This latest track is a gorgeous indie pop song with wonderfully wobbly guitar work and a sweet melody. It will no doubt appeal to
fans of Frankie Cosmos and Crumb.

Dirishu6 – Aquarium

Premium atmospheric shoegaze from Dijon, France. Taken from their self-titled EP out on fab DIY label Hidden Bay Records tomorrow! For fans of Slowdive and MBV.

Shower Tantrum – Hissy Kissy

Weird name, equally weird music. At various points the final of our 6 tracks sounds like an electronic cat and a Fisher Price Butthole Surfers. Make of that what you will. Shower Tantrum is Will Messer from Louisville, Kentucky. That’s as much as we know.


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