5 of the best songs we’ve heard this week


Always on the lookout for something inspirational, these are 5 of the best and most interesting songs we’ve heard this week.


Jodi – Softy

Jodi, AKA Nick Levine formerly of the band Pinegrove, is a multi instrumentalist singer songwriter from Chicago. New single ‘Softy’ is taken from their new album ‘Blue Heron’ out on 16th July via Sooper Records. Described by Jodi as “queer country”, there are hints of Phil Elverum and Will Oldham present in this undeniably powerful ballad. The lilting slide guitar and slow stunted drums provide all the atmosphere needed in this gorgeous minimal track. There is a simple beauty to the repetitive melody and it needs nothing more. This will no doubt appeal to fans of Mount Eerie, Jason Molina and the like.

If the album is even half as good as this it’ll be a cracker.

Melkbelly – Prehistoric Worm

Another resident of the windy city, Melkbelly have been releasing records since 2013. The Chicago four-piece dropped a cheeky cover of Basement Jaxx’s ‘Where’s Your Head At’ earlier in the month. Prehistoric Worm, released last Friday is a blast of prime Pixies indie. Full of weird vocals, squealing guitar tones angular chops and a great bass groove. There’s a lot of fun to be had with this band. You’ll probably love this if you are a fan of Pixies, The Breeders, Pom Poko and/or Doe.

Sweet Williams – Steal It

With third album ‘What’s Wrong With You’ Thomas House’s Sweet Williams will have released more than his previous band Charlottfield. Steal It, the second taster track, is yet more dark, brooding miserabilia. This album is the first recorded with House’s full Zaragoza based band and they’ve lost none of the spikiness of previous releases. For fans of Slint, Charlottefield etc. ‘What’s Wrong With You’ will be released via Gringo Records on 11th June.

Infinity Land – Insect Fingers

Another Bandcamp find, this Waterbury Connecticut five piece are an intensely heavy noise rock band, taking in elements of post-hardcore, metal and post-punk. Vocalist Tarek Ahmed is of the unhinged David Yow ilk. Extremely entertaining, this is the lead track of their debut EP ‘Honest Comedy’. The whole EP is worth a listen, with plenty of pummelling riffs and lyrics that are, at times hilarious, at others extremely dark. Infinity Land are a band to keep an eye on.

Released on tape via The Ghost Is Clear Records. For fans of Fucked Up, The Jesus Lizard and Michael.

Palm – Ostrich Vaccination

This aptly titled track is a re-release from 2015. Ostrich Vaccination gives an insight to the incredibly talented New York quartet’s early works. A wild and lo-fi beast, it highlights how the band have softened their edges and poppened (made up word) their hooks. They’ve retained the math rock element but there is some really visceral noise here that has since disappeared from Palm’s sound.


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