EPs of the year 2021


So we’ve given you our albums, now it’s time for our top 10 EPs of 2021. This really was a fantastic year for music so get your ears around these wonderful releases and get hold of them if you can!

Piss Kitti For The Lovers

10. Piss Kitti – For The Lovers

A riotous and entertaining EP from the Liverpool based band that melds pop punk and grunge sensibilities.

What we said:They’re a hoot!… Their ear for a catchy melody and their exuberant performances should take them a long way.

9. Bruise Control – HMRCEP

A blast of garage punk out of Manchester that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

What we said: a rip roaring, anthemic chunk of punk rock. The riff is big and dumb, the vocals almost like a drunk Jonathan Richman, shouting at random people in the street. 

8. Maladia – Sacred Fires

London punk band Maladia marked themselves as ones to keep a very close eye on with this brutal and contorted EP, for fans of Black Flag.

What we said: “Sacred Fires” is one hell of an EP and marks Maladia as a London Punk band to keep an eye out for. No doubt their gigs will be a riot.

7. Creeping Hot Hands – Deleenen Sceenen

A fascinating debut EP packed with field recordings and synth drones that will appeal to fans of Black Dice. 

What we said: ‘Deleenen Sceenen’ feels like a dark and sinister journey into a forbidden world. 

EPs of the year 2021

6. Child’s Pose – Eyes To The Right

Another fantastic EP from the Brighton/London band. Here’s hoping for an album soon.

What we said: Another EP of fractured snotty post punk… Their infectious, fidgety, stop-start approach has lost none of its edge.

EPs of the year 2021

5. The Tubs – Names

A flawless indie pop EP full of confident songwriting from former members of Joanna Gruesome. 

What we said: The ‘Names EP’ is short-lived but it’s all killer. Brimming with vivid and sophisticated pop gems. Whatever these guys touch seems to turn to gold.


4. Oddly – Odd Man Out

The Japanese Indie band wowed with their shoegazey indie pop that melds The Pastels, Say Sue Me and Yo La Tengo together.

What we said: Oddly certainly have a great ear for a simple catchy melody. The laid back atmosphere they create throughout is kind of like a Japanese Yo La Tengo or Say Sue Me. Their penchant for noise is also quite exhilarating. ‘Odd Man Out’ is a sensational EP.

EPs of the year 2021

3. Unschooling – Random Acts Of Total Control

A mind melting and bogglingmiz of post punk and math rock full of exciting aesthetic contrasts. 

What we said: ‘Random Acts of Total Control’ is an impeccably crafted EP. Its strength is in the simplicity of the hooks but the intricacy in the whole. Unschooling are almost inhuman in their rhythmic precision whilst remaining incredibly playful at the same time.

EPs of the year 2021

Pozi – Typing

Another big favourite, POZI just keep getting better. This EP saw them expand their unique sound further.

What we said: ‘Typing’ EP is not a huge departure but the added intricacies are a welcome addition. Pozi have always been intense, they’ve just amplified this further.

EPs of the year 2021

EP of the year 2021

1. Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business – He Earns Enough

Jenny Moore’s truly unique vocal heavy group that were always good just exploded into brilliance on this EP. It’s full of emotional depth and power. A fantastic and inventive collection of songs!

What we said: ‘He Earns Enough’ EP is not just a huge progression on an already wonderful formula, it’s also a massive contender for EP of the year. Just… wow. Everyone should hear this.


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