EPs of the year 2019


Our 10 favourite EPs of the year, in reverse order.

10. PC World -S/T

Great 80s dark industrial synth and drums sounds and edgy delayed vocals ala Suicide on this exciting EBM inspired EP by probably the most unGoogleable band in the world.

9. Dom Jolly – LOVE

No, not the flash in the pan one joke comedian but a mad sludgy doom band featuring members of Irma Vep and Dog Legs who gave us one of the first releases of the year. This one really kicks and snarls with Jesus Lizard attitude.

8. Molejoy – I Hate It But It’s Free

Superb minimal No Wave punk that could fall apart at any moment but is played with infectious glee. Features an insane cover of Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5!

7. Buffet Lunch – Snap

A bonkers joyride of crooked conversational guitars and bizarre lyrical content. For fans of Stump and The Magic Band.

6. Sniffany And The Nits – I Love You (…But You’ve Got Nits)

The Nits translated their excellently frenetic and visceral live show really well on this three track debut. Looking forward to hearing more.

5. Shake Chain – Neil Yonge & Bob Doylan Live at Hyde Park

The weirdest named EP provided the most unique and exciting vocal performance from Kate Mahony set to brilliantly off kilter post punk.

4. The Birthmarks- No Slash

The Birthmarks’ brilliant psychy oddball indie is present but they also made room for leftfield turns like the spoken word “Fan Fiction 2” and pulled it off in their typical deadpan style.

3. Vital Idles – S/T

Vital Idles absolutely knocked it out of the park with this EP. For us they bettered last years excellent “Left Hand” LP. There’s an added swagger and confidence to their infectious post punk.

2. The Slugs – Wet

The Slugs retained their cheeky humour yet displayed a more sophisticated touch to the form of their songwriting, which we absolutely loved. It’s all in the beautifully syncopated vocals and simple catchy melodies. For fans of The Moldy Peaches.

1. Dry Cleaning – Boundary Road Snacks And Drinks

This second EP is another step forward for this phenomenal band. Dry cleaning expanded their horizons with subtle tuneful vocal melodies whilst retaining the cutting lyrical edge and some excellent jams.


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