The rise and rise of Dry Cleaning


There’s always something to talk about when it comes to music. There’s a billion new releases every day and it’s often very easy to miss them.
In an attempt to kick ourselves up the arse and provide some more regular content we thought, “why not start blogging every day?” rather than only writing reviews.
This gives an opportunity to look forward and back (and go off on tangents) whilst still providing a take on the latest and greatest releases.
Here’s hoping I can keep this up. After all, there’s still not much else going on these days. This week saw BTTB favourites Dry Cleaning make an appearance (from the MOTH Club!) on Later with Jools Holland.

Ever since a friend recommended them to us for our first DIY, Why Not Festival in 2019 we’ve been hooked on their deadpan vocal delivery, hilarious cut and paste lyrics, driving bass and drum grooves and those killer guitar hooks.

Watching them rip out recent single ‘Scratchcard Lanyard’ in their own inimitable style, at one of London’s best venues, was a stark reminder of the current stasis the live music world finds itself in. Still, it’s a great song that makes us all the more excited for their upcoming debut album “New Long Leg”.

Scratchcard Lanyard on Later…

Here’s hoping that it’s as consistently brilliant as their first two EPs. From the evidence of their set at DIY Why Not 2020, in which they showcased A LOT of new material, it’s going to be a fantastic record.
Of course, as soon as the album is in our hands, we’ll be giving it a full write up.

Seeing the awe of the audience at early shows, the “they were amazing!” comments and the fast paced growth of a fanbase makes witnessing a band’s journey from first release to a sizeable indie label debut (4AD in this case) always fascinating.

Their own desire to play smaller shows for DIY audiences is a credit to them. Whether this can remain an option for them can possibly continue given how popular they’re becoming and the mighty backing behind them, I’m not sure, but nevertheless they deserve the warm embrace of the forthcoming larger crowds. Dry Cleaning are on to a winner.

Til tomorrow (maybe, probably… I’ll try)!


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