The Illness share ‘Phrases Redacted’ video ft Bob Nastanovich (Pavement)

The Illness

We are delighted to share the new video for the brilliant Phrases Redacted. The second side of the Descending G / Phrases Redacted collaboration between The Illness, Steve West and Bob Nastanovich of Pavement.
Following hot on the heels of the video for Descending G, this second track is truly hypnotic. It’s a fuzzed out two chord stomp full of glorious feedback and squealing saxophone. The one take stream of consciousness ramble from Nastanovich is fantastic! His performance is almost Calvin Johnson-esque.

The bleached out music video features a dog persistently licking the face of a tea drinker in a Mexican wrestling mask . There’s a dancing sloth man performing various domestic tasks and one of the most bizarre masks you might ever see. Check it out!

The 12” is out today via excellent UK label Sea Records (Schwervon, Marble Valley, Wolf Solent). It’s also available through Bob Nastanovich’s Brokers Tip Records in the US.

Sea Shop
Brokers Tip Records
A 7" vinyl records label from Des Moines, Iowa run by Bob Nastanovich of Pavement.

We spoke to all the collaborators to hear about the making of the single. Steve and Bob also revealed a few tasty Pavement related nuggets! Check it out here.

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