Nun Habit to release AA side ‘Righteous Jerk / Slip n Slide’


Nun Habit have been a big participator in the London Underground scene in recent years. Their impeccable taste saw them host some great free shows, featuring the likes of The Slugs and Upset Stomach along the way. This double AA side single follows up their 2018 ‘Nun Habit Die Hard’ EP. Released to help fund the pressing of their debut album ‘Hedge Fun’, the two tracks represent both sides of the Nun Habit coin. The surname-less band consists of Kate (vocals/bass), Greg (vocals/guitar), Selina (guitar), Rachel (keys) and Emma (drums).

First track ‘Righteous Jerk’, sees Kate taking the lead vocals and swapping bass duties for guitar. Opening on an almost didgeridoo-like drone, the track slowly builds up a moody momentum. Kate’s powerful voice, akin to Order Of The Toad’s Gemma Freeman, is backed by a tense atmosphere that snaps and releases into a satisfyingly fuzzy climax.

‘Slip n Slide’ is far lighter in tone. Greg’s vocal style is a more deadpan croon, like a more relaxed Jens Lekman or Stephen Merritt. He’s accompanied by a soft chiming guitar line, gentle drone and some cute twinkling keys. The drums sound like they are itching to burst into disco mode. This materialises in the most joyful way. The final minute of the track bursts into life with wobbly synths and a slick disco jam.

The band, whose influences range from Fleetwood Mac to Dry Cleaning, seem to revel in mixing it up. This suggests their debut album will be quite the spectacle. They will also launch a Kickstarter campaign for the album on release day.

Righteous Jerk / Slip n Slide is a self-release out 5th April, digitally, via bandcamp.

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Cover art by Dani Johnson


  1. […] Nun Habit have been active for the last few years. Pre-pandemic, they were a frequenter of the Victoria Dalston, hosting several exciting line-ups (their live show is always great fun). Now, to follow their ‘Nun Habit Die Hard’ EP released in 2018 and a couple of singles earlier this year, comes their self-released debut album.  […]

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