Handle’s Giulio Erasmus announces new album


Releases coming out of lockdown, for some reason, feel like they’ve magically appeared out of the ether! It may be the disconnect of the ongoing gig void and direct social interaction that does it. It could also be that we’re seeing releases from musicians who hadn’t previously ventured into solo projects. The last year has seen releases from Mark Jasper (Witching Waves), Rachel Aggs (Shopping etc), Cal Donnelly (as The Liquidators) and Stef Fi (Big Joanie). Now there is another to add to the list. Handle blew us away with the bendy gonzo weirdness of last year’s ‘In Threes’, so much so we named it our album of the year. It’s great, then, to see one of their members has continued to be productive. Giulio Erasmus, who also fronted Manchester’s excellent Duds, has just dropped a pre-order for a new 8 track album. Recorded between 2019 and 2021, it will be released via the excellent Absolute Fiction on 1st April.

With the label’s past releases including Handle, Edwin Stevens, The Rebel and Bamya amongst others, Erasmus is in good company.

The teaser track ‘Collapsed, Speech’ is just what you would hope/expect. It’s 3 minutes of elasticated bass, junk percussion and crooked electronics that leaves us intrigued to hear more.

Check out ‘Collapsed, Speech’ and pre-order below:


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