Decolonise Fest 2020 is here!

Rejoice! Decolonise Fest has returned this week.

Of course, it’s sadly not taking place in the physical realm. It’s all online this year. Nevertheless the organisers have done a fine job in putting this together.

Previous festivals have brought us the amazing Big Joanie, Handle, Electric Fire, Bext Praxis, Th’Sheridans and loads more, so we’re excited to hear even more great new music.

With the Festival having already kicked off today, Tuesday 1st September, there are events taking place every day up until and including Sunday 6th September. So there’s a lot to look forward to. What’s more, they’re all free to attend to!

For those who are unfamiliar with it Decolonise Fest, established in 2017, is an annual punk festival collectively organised by and for “punx of colour”. London based and volunteer run, Decolonise Fest is about as DIY as it gets and they’ve put together a fascinating array of treats. There are non-music based workshops, as well as gigs and a discussion panel to close.

Here’s the lo-down from the organisers in their own words:

“Decolonise Fest centres the experiences of punx of colour, who we define this as people who are descended (through one or both parents) from the original inhabitants of Africa, Caribbean, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Australasia, North America, and the islands of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean, and of Romany Gypsy or Traveller heritage.

Decolonise Fest is a space that allows us to advocate for emerging artists of colour, foster a community of like-minded people, connect punx of colour to global struggles against the legacy of colonialism and indulge in our love of punk together.

We celebrate the many punx of colour creating right now, acknowledge the legacy of our elders and the doors they opened for us and make room for more DIY punx of colour to take centre stage and make some noise.”

There’s a truly global feel to the week, particularly with the gigs.

We take in Kenyan punks Crystal Axis, South Asian/American band The Kominas via London based DeLila Black on Thursday alone! Friday brings New Orleans no wave group Special Interest, Netherlands based Lifeless Past and London’s own PRNCSS.

Here’s the full rundown, including today’s “journey of Tantric breathwork”.
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Tuesday 1st September 19:00 BST
Shadow Sistxrs presents: Entering into the Serpent: Dialoguing with Kali
Clem leads us through a journey of Tantric breathwork, bringing us into contact with the Goddess of Revolution, our Divine Mother, Kali. Monique will then teach a few simple martial arts techniques that will allow us to physically embody the principles of power, protection and pleasure.

Wednesday 2nd September 19:00 BST
Black and Brown Queer World Building
Join Jacob V Joyce for a workshop mapping the future through collaborative poetry and writing exercises. This workshop draws on speculative fiction writing techniques to facilitate collaborative envisioning of a queer decolonial future. 

Thursday 3rd September 19:00 BST
Crystal Axis + The Kominas + DeLila Black
Join us for sessions from:
Crystal Axis: Anti-colonial Kenyan punk band 
The Kominas: “South Asian” “American” “Punks” (est. 2006) 
DeLila Black: London-based alt-americana act 

Friday 4th September 19:00 BST
Special Interest + Lifeless Past + PRNCSS
Join us for sessions from:
Special Interest: New Orleans no wave glam punks
Lifeless Past: Post-punk Netherlands-based act
PRNCSS: Electronic synth punk artist based in London

Sunday 6th September 15:00 BST
Global Punx of Colour Panel

Join Decolonise Fest for a panel event with punx of colour around the world discussing their local scenes, how punk relates to their identity, how BLM has affected their activism and scene and how to create a global punx of colour community.


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